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Feb 23, 2012

Music: Faltones - Where Are You? (Acoustic Version)

Hi there!

Today, we bring you some good news! We are starting right now a new section on Extreme Sports 4 All.

Some months ago, we start thinking about the possibility of adding something like this to our website, and we think that moment has just come.

Not only extreme sports videos, photos, interviews... From this point on, you can also listen/watch some songs/videos of different artists or bands that we feel they deserve a little space here on ES4A.

So... Yeah! Let's get it started right now!

We begin this section introducing a fresh acoustic version of a song by Faltones. Here you have "Where are you?".

We hope you like it!


  Twitter: @Faltones
  Facebook: Faltones
  Spotify: Faltones - Wake Up!
  MySpace: Faltones

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