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Feb 19, 2011

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Steve Ramon

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Steve Ramon, Motocross World Champion and one of the best riders in the history of motocross.

-ExtremeSports4All: Hi Steve! Firstly, thanks for giving us this opportunity to know more about you. Most of people following motocross in the world should know who Steve Ramon is. You have been 3rd in the MX1 World Championship in 2006, 2nd in 2008, and the most important thing, you were MX1 World Champion in 2007. Also, it is important to know your victories in the Motocross of Nations with the Belgian Team and the Belgian Championships that you have won.

This year, you have finished 5th in the MX1 World Championship, but with a small difference between the 2nd and you, and with a great advantage to the 6th position. Do you feel happy with the result, or you had higher aspirations?
-Steve Ramon: Yes, I'm happy. For sure I wanted to be World Champion, however it was a difficult season for me. I had many problems and injuries, and that's why I couldn't do my training.If you want to go for the title you have to be 100%, and for me that wasn't like that.

-ES4A: There is a rider called Antonio Cairoli that is pushing hard to the victory and that is making it difficult for all the riders in MX1, but do you think that his good streak will end soon, or that other riders, even you, could take the first place in 2011?
-SR:  There are many good riders in MX1. You can see that at the different riders who had won a GP last year. Cairoli has everything, he is a very good rider, regular, and he is physically very strong. Sometimes he's riding on the limit and he is lucky not to crash, but that's a part of the sport.

-ES4A: What do you think about some good riders in MX2? Who of them do you think would be a hard opponent in MX1?
-SR: I don't know, there are many fast guys in MX2 as we saw at the Motocross of Nations; you have Roczen, Paulin, Frossard, Simpson…but to be fast a whole season is different.It will be difficult with any of them on the track.

-ES4A: Could you explain us what happened in 2009 when you finished 10th?
-SR: In 2009 I had the C7 vertebra fractured in Valkenswaard. I was out for 3 months.

-ES4A: For those who don't know about it, how did you get involved in motocross?
-SR: I started riding when I was 4 years old. My dad was riding with the sidecars. He was two times 2nd in the World Championship. Every weekend I was there with him, and it started like that.

-ES4A: We know Belgium has a lot of Motocross followers and that this is a famous sport in your country. Do you think motocross riders in Belgium should have more support from the Government,companies,etc?
-SR: Yeah, I think that we need much more tracks to train every week. I have to drive an hour and a half to go to a track, otherwise I have to go to France.

-ES4A: In order to get your flow and your clean rinding style, how much time do you spend on training per week and where?
-SR: It's difficult to tell how much time… I train every day running, cycling, doing fitness and riding the bike 1 or 2 times per week.

-ES4A: Have you ever taken part in a Supercross event? Do you like it? Would you compete in the AMA Supercross?
-SR: Yes I did some Supercross in the past like Supercross at Bercy, Paris. And no, I can't see myself riding the AMA Supercross, I'm 31 years old and to take part in Supercross you need a lot of of training, but never say never...

-ES4A: About AMA motocross… Have you ever had an offer to compete in AMA outdoors as other european riders in USA like Pourcel,Roczen…?
-SR: Yes, I think it was in 2000. I had a chance to go but I was under contract with Kawasaki Europe at that moment.

12 Fast Questions/Answers

-Favorite food: Italian pasta
-Favorite drink: Rockstar Energy Drink
-Favorite music (or artist): U2
-Favorite movie: Rocky
-Favorite season of the year: Summer
-Favorite circuit of the MX1 World Championship: Saint-Jean d'Angély, I love it
-Define yourself in one word: Hard to tell, one word isn't enough
-Mud or dry land?: Both of them
-Your current daily car: BMW 6 Series
-The most important thing in a MX rider is…: …believe in yourself
-Hobbies: Jet Ski, movies, shopping, Trial...
-Sponsors: Suzuki, Rockstar Energy Drink, Axo Sport, Shoei, ProGrip, Polar

-ExtremeSports4All: Would you like to have been a pro athlete of another sport if you were not a motocross pro rider?
-Steve Ramon: I like to do many sports, but I am a pro rider in motocross and i like it very much.

-ES4A: Finally, could you tell us what do you think about a website like Extreme Sports 4 All, offering many different extreme sports only in one website?
-SR: About Extreme Sports 4 All I think it's nice to have many sports together, I like to know about different sports so yeah, it's nice to have a website like yours.

-ExtremeSports4All: Thank you so much Steve! Best wishes for you in your life and in your pro rider career.
-Steve Ramon: Best wishes for you too.Thank you for the interview and for your interest in me.

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