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Jan 4, 2011

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Petter Solberg

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Petter Solberg, 13x times WRC events champion. Here you can see the result.

-ExtremeSports 4All: Hi Petter! We would like to start thanking you for giving us the opportunity to interview one of the most successful WRC drivers of the last decade.
Also, we would like to say congratulations to you for this great year in the World Rally Championship. Despite the difficulties that you had at the beginning of the year.
How has your approach to rallying changed since you became a privateer?
-Petter Solberg: It is a complete different world, rallying as a privateer compared to have a seat in a factoryteam. In addition to the actual drive, I have to find the sponsors and then work with them. It also takes a lot of time to run a team. You also have to think about the cost, whatever you do.

-ES4A: Everybody were quite shocked when Phil Mills announced that he was leaving co-driving before of the end of the season. Do you know what caused him to take this decision?Was it very hard to find a new co-driver?How do you feel with Chris Patterson seating next to you?
-PS: Phil's decision to leave the codriver seat came as a surprise for me as well. He felt the time was right to do other things, and I fully support him for that. My new codriver, Chris Patterson, is doing really good in the car, so the change turned out good for all parts.

-ES4A: We have just here that you are entering the Monte Carlo Rally with a Peugeot 207 S2000. Is it still a great challenge for you to try to win such an important event?
-PS: It is always a challenge, trying to win. It will also be exciting to drive this type of car in an event.

-ES4A: Looking back at your Subaru years, you had a very successful time but in the last seasons everything went a bit wrong, and it ended up with a team retiring.
What do you think that happened which put you away from winning?
-PS: It is no simple answer to this, if it were, I think we would have won events and Subaru would still be rallying!

-ES4A: Still looking at the past, of all the WRC cars you have driven, which one was your favorite and why?
-PS: I don't have any special favorite, but the Citroën Xsara is extremely good on tarmac.

-ES4A: In your WRC career, you have been team mate of great drivers such as Colin Mcrae, Carlos Sainz and Tommi Mäkinen. Who of those drivers impressed you the most?Why?
-PS: They all impressed me! All three of them are great drivers and great personalities.

-ES4A: Coming back to the present, we have seen the popularity of rallying decreasing in recent years, what do you think that could be done to make rallying more interesting and spectacular? Do you think that we should go back to the really classic rallyes in the WRC (Tour de Corse, Montecarlo,etc) or do you like the new rallyes (Jordan, Ireland,etc)?
-PS: A combination would be good. Old classics, but also new events. We need to look ahead and try to always be better, and I think the new regulations is a good step forward.

-ES4A: Going off topic slightly, if you had not become a WRC driver, what would you have liked to do?
-PS: I have no idea! Motorsport has always been a big part of my life, since I was born.

-ES4A: If we ask you what do you think about Sébastien Loeb, you answer...
-PS: He is 7 times world champion, and I think that says it all! He really is a nice guy, and I know he has worked very hard for all his titles.

9 Fast Questions/ Answers

-Favorite food: Sushi
-Favorite drink: Water (sometimes red wine)
-Favorite music(artist): Disco music
-Favorite movie: Just seen Toy Story 3 with my son, so for the moment, that is my favourite.
-Favorite season of the year: Winter.
-Your current WRC car: Citroën C4
-Your current daily car: Citroën C5
-Hobbies: Cross karting
-Sponsors: Mainsponsors; TOOLS and Entercard.

-ES4A: Say whatever you want to your family,friends, fellows on WRC, your followers...
-PS:Anything is possible!

-ES4A: Finally, could you tell us what do you think about a website like ExtremeSports4All, in which all followers of extreme sports can know about many different sports only visiting one site?
-PS: I like your website, and the idea. Keep it easy!

-ES4A: Thank you very much Petter, we only have to say that we admire your personality, how you are always smiling although you have had problems with the car, and that is a really good example. You are a fantastic driver. Good luck on the next season!
-PS:Thank you so much!