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Feb 8, 2011

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Brian Deegan

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Brian Deegan, World Record in Freestyle Motocross X-Games medals, and founding member of Metal Mulisha.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Hi Brian! First of all, thank you very much! It is great to have the opportunity of having an interview with somebody like you.
Supercross, FMX, Rallyes, Trucks… and now... NASCAR!

Can you explain how did you realize that you had to leave your hometown to make your dream a reality, when you were very young?
-Brian Deegan: I realized I had to leave my hometown when I was 13/14, I saw that all the fast kids were from Cali, and I knew I had to make my way out to CA if I wanted to be the best.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: You have won 12 medals in Freestyle Motocross X-Games, which is a record since X-Games were created. Do you think that you could ever see a successor in the future?
-Brian Deegan: Records are there to be broken, one day someone will break mine.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: An injured spleen, broken bones and three near-death experiences… There are some people that think this is mad, but do you think that you are crazy, or are they crazy because they don't understand this way of getting an adrenaline rush?
-Brian Deegan: To me it's just something that goes along with a sport that I enjoy doing. I know it's a little crazy but the adrenaline rush is all part of the sport, I don’t see living life any other way.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Could you describe your first bike? Do you still have it?
-Brian Deegan: My first bike was a Honda Trail 50 – I got it when I was 8. I wish I still have it but back in the day I had to sell my bikes every year to get new ones.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Can you tell us about your worst accident?
-Brian Deegan: My worst accident I injured my kidney, my spleen and I lost 4 pints of blood.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Coming back again to Metal Mulisha, you as a founding member of the group, who do you think is the craziest and most spectacular guy ever in Metal Mulisha?
-Brian Deegan: The craziest rider in Metal Mulisha is me!

14 Fast Questions/Answers

-Favorite food: Steak & potatoes
-Favorite drink: Rockstar Energy Drink
-Favorite music (or artist): Old School Rock and Metal. Metallica , Black Sabbath, etc.
-Favorite movie: Reservoir Dogs
-Favorite season of the year: winter – it rains in CA and the dirt is the best
-Favorite trick (FMX): 360 – the trick I invented
-Define yourself in one word: Driven
-Mud or dry land?: Mud
-A dream that has not become real yet: NASCAR
-Your current competition bike: Honda 450
-Your current daily car: FORD F250
-Favorite SX/FMX circuit: X Games
-Hobbies: MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
-Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Metal Mulisha, Etinies, Lucas Oil, Maxxis.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: If somebody proposed you to compete in the World Rally championship, would you accept? Why?
-Brian Deegan: Yeah, it's scary, it looks gnarly, going that fast through the woods, I would try it out.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Please, talk about your NASCAR project and your challenges in this 4-wheels world.
-Brian Deegan: I am currently working on A NASCAR program to making to Nationwide later this year. With the help of my sponsors I feel this can become a reality.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Say whatever you want to your family, friends, freestylers in the world…
-Brian Deegan: Go Big or Go Home!

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Finally, could you tell us what do you think about a website like Extreme Sports 4 All, offering many different extreme sports only in one website?
-Brian Deegan: It's cool to see a place where the action sports movement can come together, I’m stoked on anyone who promotes action sports.

-Extreme Sports 4 All: Thank you so much Brian. We wish the best for you in FMX, NASCAR, Rallyes or whatever you do in your life.
-Brian Deegan: Make sure to check out BrianDeegan.com and MetalMulisha.com for updates and follow me on Twitter: @mmgeneral


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