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Dec 16, 2010

Extreme Sports 4 All interviews Antoine Albeau

Here you have the interview to the 18x times Windsurfing World Champion.

-ExtremeSports4All: Hi Antoine! Well, first of all, thank you very much for answering our questions and for dedicate a little part of your busy schedule to ExtremeSports4All.Well, Let's start!

Congratulations on winning 2010 PWA Slalom Championship. How do you feel now that you are 18x Times World Champion?
-Antoine Albeau: It feels good! I feel very proud of my achievement - it represents a lot of hours, weeks and years of work.

-ES4A: What was the hardest event(in terms of conditions, participants,problems...) for you this year, and why?
-AA: Costa Brava was maybe the hardest because we did only one and a half slalom. All week the wind was on and off and we spent a lot of time on standby which is never easy. It's hard to keep concentrated.

-ES4A: Nowadays, maybe some people can think that you will finish your Windsurfing Professional Career soon, however, you are improving every day and you look stronger in the competition. What are your future goals?
-AA: I would like to defend my two world titles again in 2011 and maybe try to beat the speed world record if the opportunity comes up. I don't want to stop my career now as I am doing well and I still enjoy everything. For now there is no reason to stop.

-ES4A: Right now, who do you think is the opponent that is closer of taking the tittle away to you next year?
-AA: There are a lot of guys such as Björn, Micah, Finian, Kevin, Ross and Cyril that could be good next year - I have to keep ahead of the game!

-ES4A: Could you tell us where are your favorite windsurfing spots? (If possible, please differentiate between Slalom/Waves)
-AA: For waves Maui and Cabo Verde and slalom France or the Canaries.

-ES4A: Why did you choose #192 as your sail number?
-AA: I did my first World Cup in Almanarre in 1992 and I was 19 years old. So the number just came.

-ES4A: We think you are a great example for all the society, how would you encourage people to learn windsurfing?
-AA: My parents have a windsurfing school here on the ile de Ré and every summer lots of people come and try windsurfing which is great! I think that it is important to show that windsurfing can be fun at any level of ability - you don't have to be pro to have fun on the water. The best way to learn is to take some lessons - you get better more quickly and it is less frustrating!

-ES4A: Would you like having been a professional athlete in another different sport?
-AA: Yes I think so. I would have liked to try surfing, swimming, motocross or rally driving!

8 Fast Questions/Answers:
-Favorite food: Thai chicken
-Favorite drink: Orangina!
-Favorite music (artist): Anything pop
-Favorite movie: Gladiator
-Favorite season of the year: Autumn
-Your board Brand/Model: JP / slalom and single thruster wave
-Your sail Brand/Model: NP / RS racing and Atlas
-Sponsors: NP, JP, Quiksilver, Orangina, Ford, MMA Insurance, Deboichet

-ES4A: Say whatever you want to your family, friends, windsurfers all around the world...
-AA: I love my wife and thanks to my friends for supporting me, oh, and I want to see more and more windsurfers on the water!

-ES4A: Finally, could you tell us what do you think about a website like ExtremeSports4All, offering many different extreme sports only in a unique website?
-AA: I think it's a great website because you can get a lot information about many different action sports!

-ES4A: Thank you so much again Antoine. Best wishes for you on the next Championships and on your life.
-AA: Thanks to you too - I shall do my best to keep windsurfing in the spotlight!


  1. Congratulations ExtremeSports4all for this great interview!!
    It´s really good to know how Antoine Albeau is and thinks. You asked great questions.
    I hope you interview more famous people like him, they are highly interesting!
    Keep going like this, You´re doing a great job!
    A daily follower.

  2. Congrats! Just waiting for the next interview. Pretty sure it will be great.