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Aug 4, 2011

MotoGP: Rossi with Honda Gresini in 2012

Hi there!
Hot news today! The story started when we read on Twitter that The Racing Tribune talked about a possible agreement between Rossi and Honda Gresini in 2012Here the article

Valentino would be tired because of the behaviour of the Ducati GP 11.1 and all surrounding the italian team.

Valentino Rossi riding his Ducati

Another italian, Fausto Gresini, would have another bike for him (Aoyama's one), and would structure an italian team with Valentino and Marco Simoncelli. Maybe, this could be the safer way for Simoncelli to improve his riding with the Honda, and also he could learn with a good friend but also a legend of MotoGP.

Moreover, Valentino had an opportunity to show all the world that he can still win races.

Anyway, we don't know if 2012 will the World's End, but for sure, what we already know is that if this news is true, it will be the end of the good relation between Ducati and Valentino Rossi.

Fausto Gresini and Marco Simoncelli

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